We offer wide range of services through web promotion, multimedia solutions and corporate identity design. Here is the list summary of all our services.


We design and develop visually appealing, high quality, customer driven, accessible and easy to use websites and web applications. Premiere Media is a friendly web development  agency with a professional attitude building professional web sites based on latest Internet technology following web standards: xhtml & css2.  

We are specialized in designing and developing web sites. Using latest software and technologies when designing web page layouts, we're trying to adjust content to client needs.

We pay most of our attention to design as it has very important role for positive user feedback, but we're also developing sites following recognized web standards.

Designing with web standards ( means that we're designing cross-browser accessible web pages with separate style from structure and behavior and creating fast loading content.

We can provide following web services:

  • Corporate Identity, logo design
  • Prepress graphic design
  • Web site graphic design, development
  • CD/DVD-Rom presentations
  • Flash animation design and Actionscripting
  • Web applications (PHP, ASP and .Net)
  • Database development (MySQL, SQL Server & Access)
  • CMS (content management system)


We can help you evaluate your current website and offer available options and solutions to increase your online presence. Evaluating our clients needs, available technologies, designs, and accessibility level options are our main goals.


Our clients trust us to deliver cutting edge and demanding projects. Many use us in an exclusive capacity to provide Internet based services through out their operations; others utilise us for specific projects.

Multimedia is our second area of expertise. Our team has several multimedia producers for developing complex CD and DVD ROM presentations.

We can provide following multimedia services:

  • CD ROM presentations
  • DVD ROM presentations
  • DVD authoring
  • Professional photography and video


Our clients trust us to deliver cutting edge and demanding projects. Many use us in an exclusive capacity to provide Internet based services through out their operations; others utilise us for specific projects.

We know colors:-)
We can choose a color and style for your brochure, business card or logo that will look great on your company.

We can provide following print services:

  • Corporate identity design
  • Logo design (from demonstration pages)
  • Prepress graphic design
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Business cards etc.

SEO (Search Engine Optamization)

Top organic search results in the major search engines are now reality for property portals, database driven, ecommerce and brochure sites. We have vast experience in the field of results driven SEO and can quantify results that allow you to monitor your ROI.

Drive new customers to your Web site by listing your URL at TOP position (i.e. the first page of Search Engine Result Pages) on top search engines & directories like Google, Yahoo! & MSN etc. Premiere Media is one of the best sources to channel qualified traffic to your business.

Search Engine Marketing: In Internet marketing, search engine marketing, or SEM, is a set of marketing methods to increase the visibility of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs). The three main methods are:

  1. Search engine optimization, or improving rankings for relevant keywords in search results by rectifying the website structure, and content such that they could be easily read and understood by the search engine's software programs. It is seen that website containing the latest trends and updates are first available to the visitor.
  2. Search engine advertising, or paying the search engine company for a guaranteed high ranking or an ad displayed aside the results (commonly known as pay per click advertising).
  3. Paid inclusion, or paying the search engine company for a guarantee that the website is included in their natural search index.

Search engine marketers are experts and firms who explore of weaknesses and strengths in the methods and individual products to find the best way to promote a particular website in search engines.

Want to bring more traffic and increase revenue from your site, contact now or get free advice on optimizing your web site for search engine.



  • Project management
  • Web site administration
  • Client education
  • Technical support etc.